Putting It Back Together

Interior Renovations

The interior of a house is what makes it a home. T4TD takes the time and care to ensure only the best quality and detail. Whether you need a simple installation or full renovation, our team can make it happen. Not sure of the overall look and design? Let our highly experienced designers use their skills and creativity to help put all your ideas together. A repair that cannot wait can be very costly in the long run, let our qualified contractors and trades people come up with the most cost effective solution. We can accommodate all of your indoor renovation needs, including but not limited to Asbestos identification, mold identification, duct cleaning, floors, bathrooms, and basements.

Exterior Renovations

The exterior of your home is a visitors first impression, why not make it a great one? T4TD can accommodate all of your outdoor renovation needs, including but not limited to, decks, doors, and roofs. T4TD has a network of extremely talented and creative landscape architects and designers available to provide direction to your vision and dreams. The exterior of your home is an expression of its owner’s personality and style, T4TD can make that impression beautiful.

Quality Renovations Built to Last

T4TD’s strength with renovations is that, as we do so much work with flooding, we know the areas where you can run into trouble. Not only do we fix these areas, we prevent the possibility of flooding, moisture accumulation, mildew growth and mould. For example, if we are renovating your basement, we will raise electrical outlets so they won’t be a shock hazard should your water heater start leaking. We’ll insulate pipes, seal your windows, and adjust your shelving so items on the shelf won’t be damaged during a flood.

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