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T4TD Restoration & Renovations offer a totally FREE of charge insurance claims management service to both commercial and residential clients.

T4TD Restoration & Renovations provides a free insurance claims management service to you the Insured as we are paid directly by the Insurance Company. Whether you require home or building damage surveys, property insurance claim dispute,T4TD Restoration & Renovations can help. Our claims handlers will liaise insurance companies on your behalf.

T4TD Restoration & Renovations offers a completely stress-free service for you as we take care of everything from the negotiation with your insurance company to the last coat of paint at your property.

If your home or commercial premises have suffered any damage as a result of fire, flood or storm, theft/burglary, subsidence or water damage, your insurance company will expect you to find quotations from several local building contractors along with photographs or plumbers reports if the claim is a water escape.

You don’t need the added stress of locating a building contractor who you can trust. Calling builders, roofers and plumbers to arrange for them to inspect the damage and give you quotes is time-consuming and a hassle that we know you can do without. The very best advice we can give you is to contact us at T4TD as soon as possible. Whether you have already made a claim or not, our  experts in this field will lead you through the entire process from initial assessment of the damage to complete restoration.

The T4TD Services Include

  • A survey of the damage within 24hrs of your call
  • Submitting a building repair schedule to your insurer
  • Liaising with your insurance company and loss adjuster (when necessary) to progress the claim as quickly and smoothly as possible
  • Meeting with your insurance company’s loss adjuster to agree the settlement on your behalf
  • Making arrangements for all necessary repairs to be completed to your satisfaction
  • Keeping in regular contact with you throughout the entire process

T4TD  services include direct communication with all Loss Adjusters and Insurance Companies on your behalf. We will also instruct and supervise reliable and reputable contractors, known to us and expert in their field (builders, plumbers, tilers, electricians) whether it is water damage, fire, flood, impact or criminal damage.

At T4TD we understand that you may have suffered a traumatic experience and our aim is to reduce some of the despair and frustration often felt at this particularly stressful time. With your consent, we will act as your managing representative with your insurance company and our claims handlers will liaise with them directly on your behalf so you don’t even need to contact them at all.

T4TD also offer building repair, maintenance and improvement services for homes and commercial properties outside of the insurance claims system.


45 Minute Response Time

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What is tenant insurance and why do you need it.

Tenant insurance is specific for renters and is also known as renters insurance or content insurance. It is a policy that covers the replacement of your belongings in your home, plus it will cover additional living expenses. If you were faced with a fire or flood and you were unable to live in your home tenant insurance would cover hotel accommodations and meals so you could go about your day to day life without an extra expense.

The location of your home, what insurance company you choose are all factors in how much you will pay for your tenants insurance. T4TD Restoration & Renovations would like to remind you that calling an insurance broker can save you money as they will shop around for you, getting you all the prices and finding you the best deal from the most reliable companies.

Tenant insurance may seem like an unnecessary expense when your monthly bills are already so high, but think about all you could lose if you don’t have insurance. How will you get back on your feet if you experience a flood, fire or theft? Adding tenant insurance should be budgeted into your monthly house expenses along with food and hydro.

T4TD Restoration & Renovations skilled team of insurance specialists will manage your loss dealing with personal and corporate content loss. We will mediate with your insurance company allowing us to carry the burden of this process.

The Homeowners insurance WILL NOT cover your damaged or destroyed belongings in a flood, fire, or theft situation

Should you experience a flooding or fire situation call T4TD Restoration & Renovations First at 905-874-6723. Early response is key to reducing overall loss.

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