Have a Flood Emergency?


What To Do First:

Call T4TD Restoration & Renovations immediately. We will be able to safely remove all the water and prevent secondary damages caused by mold. Our Technician will communicate with your insurance company for you and mediate regarding your claim.


Take Precautions:

      • If you are able to safely access your power supply, turn off all electricity to the room that has water damage or has been flooded. Do not enter the area if the water is higher than the baseboard heaters or outlets.
      • Contain the damage, try and block off the rooms that water has entered into.
      • If you must enter the room, make sure you use safety equipment. Use gloves, rubber boots, and eye protection. Remember in a sewage flood stay out of the area if possible. If not possible a mask must be worn.
      • Shut off the main water to the house (depending on where the water is coming in from).
      • Disable any battery powered devices.
      • Look for signs of structural damage. If you are in a room and the ceiling is drooping, please leave that room and wait for a professional to assess the situation.
      • Keep mouth and eyes clear of the water.
      • Watch for hidden debris such as broken glass.
      • If there is elderly, medically compromised, children or pets please keep them away from the flooded area, in a sewage emergency if possible please remove them from the house.
      • If you have a clean water flood (not a sewage back up) and that water touches anything that may contain contaminates (eg. Kitty litter, garbage etc.), do not touch as contact may cause illness.

Take An Inventory of Damage:

      • Wait for a professional to certify the structure before going inside.
      • Walk around the property taking notes and pictures on what is damaged.
      • Inspect damaged areas for potential structural weakness.